Over a century of experience

A passing place, witness to the passage of empires past, a pioneer in providing links with the plateau, the land of noblemen and lords, the first industrial area in the province... the town of Los Corrales de Buelna holds a privileged place in the history of Cantabria. And not just by coincidence. The geographical richness of its environment and the noble and devoted spirit of its people has meant that all the projects undertaken over the centuries have become a reality. The difficulties have always been small in comparison to the great strength of will of the town's residents.

What follows –the history of Fundimotor y Mecobusa and now Nissan Cantabria– is but the latest milestone in this fine and historic tradition.


Nueva Montaña Quijano (NMQ) begins operating as a foundry 


4/4 engine assembly for RENAULT


British Leyland buys the casting and machining plants from Nueva Montaña Quijano


Motor Ibérica buys the casting and machining plants from British Leyland and the name Fundimotor y Mecobusa is used for the first time.


Nissan buys part of the shares of Motor Ibérica


Start of production of components for the Nissan Patrol model


Start of production of machined parts for Nissan Motor UK

SINCE 2005

Fundimotor & Mecobusa become part of Nissan Motor Ibérica under the name NISSAN MOTOR IBÉRICA PLANTA DE CANTABRIA