We are a team of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in iron casting and machining. We are committed to and motivated by all the projects, and we undertake them in an agile and dynamic manner. We are not afraid of change, we have a great capacity to adapt in order to "seize the future".



Javier Vila Diego

NMISA Operations Director

“Implementing new products and developing the plant in terms of technology to provide the best service to our current and future customers”

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Jorge Alonso Morán

Plant Manager

“The success and achievements of our organisation are the result of the combined effort of all of us who make up NISSAN Cantabria”

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Sara Pérez Macho

Manufacturing, Maintenance & Quality Manager

Safety, quality and productivity are the basis of our daily work.

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Alberto Arrieta Mateo

Production Engineering Manager

"Sustainable competitiveness starts with people because of our ability to think, innovate and act. We are all engineers."

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David Calleja Gutiérrez

Supply Chain Manager

"Commitment, flexibility and operational excellence as a basis of sustainable distribution chain for the future."

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